About us: An Overview

The history of Utumishi Investment Ltd. dates back to 1995 when it was registered under the laws of Kenya as a limited liability company. The company is owned by 16,800 shareholders with a share capital of over Kshs. 114 million and debenture stock of over Kshs. 84 million. Utumishi Investment Ltd manages Utumishi Co-op House.

Utumishi Investment Ltd. is managed by 23 employees with support of 12 Board members. Apart from letting office space in Utumishi Co-op House building, Utumishi Investment Ltd. also invests in Selling of plots.

Our Corporate Plan emphasizes the importance of anticipating and leading change to remain a valued, respected and competitive service provider. It also provides direction for Utumishi Investment Ltd. to follow as it continues to invest on behalf of shareholders.

Utumishi Investment Ltd. is embarking on a series of robust initiatives aimed at diversifying investments and raising more capital. Together the core activities, strategic initiatives and investments make Utumishi Investment Ltd. one of the best well managed firms that give returns to shareholders.

It is our inspiration that in the coming years, through enhancing our core strengths and diversifying our investments focused areas we will grow Utumishi Investment Ltd. to invest in more building and stock.