Corporate Plan

Fueled by progress made over the last five years, Utumishi Investment Ltd. intends to exploit opportunities available despite the prevailing socio-economic hardships in Kenya. The corporate plan proposes a number of initiatives that constitute the framework of action programs. These initiatives seek to broaden the activity base of Utumishi Investment Ltd. to address new areas of interventions while simultaneously seeking to enhance internal strength.

A strategic issue is a fundamental challenge affecting an organization’s mandate, mission, products, services and clients. Based on the strategic analysis, Utumishi Investment Ltd. will adopt innovation and creativity; flexibility, relationship building, and team approach strategies.

The following strategic themes were identified for further considerations:

  • Prudent financial management and growth
  • Institutional strengthening and operational excellence
  • Strengthening Utumishi Investment Ltd. shareholding base
  • Achieve 100% occupancy at Utumishi house
  • Diversification of investments