25th Annual General Meeting

25th Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that, the 25th Annual General Meeting of Utumishi Investment Limited will be held
virtually on Saturday 21st May 2022 starting at 0900hrs. Shareholders should submit their Agenda 14
days before the date of the meeting.

  1. To read the notice convening the meeting and confirm the presence of quorum;
  2. To consider and adopt the Minutes of the 24rd Annual General Meeting and consider matters arising
  3. To receive and adopt Chairman’s statement;
  4. To receive, consider and approve the Annual report and Financial Statements of Utumishi Investment
    Limited for the year ended 31st December 2021 together with Auditor’s Report thereon;
  5. To receive and adopt the budget for the year 2022;
  6. Appointment of Independent Auditor for the year 2022 to Audit the books of account;
  7. Discuss agendas from shareholders for which a notice of 14 clear days prior to the meeting shall have
    been received by the Honourable Secretary through email addresses utumishi2009@yahoo.com or
  8. To approve payment of dividends and debenture interest;
  9. Elections;
  10. Any other business.

Due to the ongoing Government of Kenya restrictions on public gatherings, shareholders of Utumishi
Investment Ltd will not be able to attend the Annual General Meeting in person but will be able to register
for, access information pertaining to the proposed business, follow the meeting and vote electronically
as follows;-

1. Members wishing to participate in the meeting should register via the following link:
The said link shall be shared via SMS and company’s website;

2. Registration for the AGM opens today at 9.00am and will close on Friday 20th May 2022;

3. All the documents (financial statements) may be viewed on the Company’s website

4. The AGM will be streamed live via a link which shall be provided to all members who will have
registered to participate in the AGM.

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