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Who We Are

Utumishi Investment Ltd. was registered in 1995 and is owned by 16,800 shareholders with a share capital of over 114 million and debenture stock of over 84 million shillings. We strive to generate income through diversified, innovative and prudent investment for shareholders as defined in our Memorandum and Articles of Association.

  • Respect: – We seek to dignify every person regardless of race, gender, creed, economic or health status and age. We seek to understand our personal differences and points of view without compromising our core mission.
  • Integrity: – We show impartiality, fairness and honesty while upholding the highest ethical standards.
  • Professionalism: – We maintain a high level of knowledge, skills and standards as we provide services to our tenants and shareholders.
  • Team Work: – We contribute fully to the activities of the team to address shared challenges through common effort. We create a workplace that fosters community and cooperation.
  • Quality service: – We strive to be professional and attain the highest standards of service to tenants and shareholders.