Buying and Selling of Plots

Buying land as a long term investment is definitely worth it. As an asset, land has proven to be one of the most secure and resilient investments to date. During the past years, it has been noticed that investment in land for long-term capital growth has returned results that are second to none. The purpose of any investment is to increase your net worth, that is, increase your assets and decrease your liabilities. There is no better way to increase your net worth than to own the best investment in Kenya.

Utumishi Investment Ltd. engages in buying of bulk land and sub dividing it to small pieces and sells it to members and to the public. Over the years, the Company has bought and sold several lands to the members. The lands which we have already sold include Kitengela Phase 1.

Currently we have two lands which we are selling and these include Malaaa and Mavoko. We urge all the members and the public to take up some plots and take advantage of the much fair prices.

  • Malaa (Kangundo Road) Phase 1

    Utumishi Investment Ltd. bought a 33 acre piece of land at cost of 41 million and was subdivided into 170 residential plots. The plots offered for sale are as follows:

    • 50×100 (residential) – Ksh. 350,000
    • 50×100 (corner) – Ksh. 400,000
    • 100×100 (residential) – Ksh. 600,000

    Titles in respect of each individual plot were processed in the name of the company. Individuals who complete paying for the plot are immediately transferred the title of ownership. A borehole with depth of 302 meters has been sunk in the same plot to make the place habitable.

    To date over half of the plots have been sold and therefore, shareholders are kindly asked not to miss the golden chance of owning an asset in Nairobi.

  • Malaa (Kangundo Road) Phase 2

    The plots offered for sale are as follows:

    • 40×80 (residential) – Ksh. 450,000
    • 40×80 (corner) – Ksh. 500,000
  • Mavoko Phase I

    Utumishi Investment Ltd. is offering residential plots for sale at Mavoko. The plots offered for sale are as follows.

    • 40×80 (residential) – Ksh. 450,000
    • 40×80 (corner) – Ksh. 500,000

    Our Members and the public are invited to buy the plots.

  • Lamu Parcel No. 484

    It’s worthwhile to note that, the land value at Lamu have increased drastically to a minimum of one million per acre. To add more value to the land, the Board has planted about 10,000 eucalyptus trees in parcel No. 484. The trees are doing well and hope to give a good return when the trees mature and harvested.

  • Kitengela Phase 1

    The above site and service scheme progressed on well and transfers of title deeds were being released immediately the plot owner completed paying the debts.

For enquiries contact:

Utumishi Investment Ltd.
Phone: 020-2736426